Completely Customizable On-site Label Printing + Barcodes

Our SCL-4000D dye-based digital printer is ideal for labeling nonperishable goods, food, prescriptions, and healthcare products.⁠

Features & benefits:⁠

  • 1200 DPI print quality⁠
  • Print labels on-site⁠
  • Customize and change labels⁠
  • Print barcodes⁠

Feature Highlight: High Resolution

The SCL-4000P and SCL-4000D printers both print in beautiful, crisp 1200 DPI. There’s no need to worry about difficult to read text or pixelated images with a SwiftColor printer.


SwiftColor’s SCC-4000D prints oversized badges on-site in seconds. Save time and resources – plus get more security and customization with the SCC-4000D. Get more info here.

Feature Highlight: Dye-Based Ink

Our SCC-4000D printer offers dye-based ink for brilliant color reproduction. Every pixel is utilized to achieve a polished, uninterrupted color tone and appearance.