ID & Visitor Management Printer CARD PRINTER

  • High speed printing Prints CR80 in under 2 seconds
  • High resolution 1200dpi printing
  • Small and compact
  • Prints on paper and PVC
  • Single-pass printhead architecture


Oversized Credential Printer CARD PRINTER

  • High speed printing Prints 3.5 x 5.5” in 2 seconds
  • High resolution 1200dpi printing
  • Prints a variety of media sizes
  • Prints on paper and PVC
  • No pre-printing required
scl 4000d


4” Digital Ink Jet Dye-Based Printer LABEL PRINTER

  • High speed printing 7.9ips (200mm/sec)
  • High resolution 1200dpi printing
  • Full color printing (BK,C,M,Y)
  • Single-pass printhead architecture
  • Desktop, compact and lightweight
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Using our SwiftColor printer in the Admissions Welcome Center has helped us to create personalized, professional name badges for each prospective student who tours our campus. The name badges have a two-fold benefit: visitors love the personal touch in their welcome packet, and tour guides more easily address prospective students by name. Overall, the Lipscomb-branded name badges make our University Admissions experience inviting and unique. Even if a visitor joins a tour on short notice, the SwiftColor printer's speedy system allows me to print a name badge within minutes. To top it off, the SwiftColor team has responded quickly and kindly to our needs. We are grateful! - Mary, Guest Experiences Coordinator, Lipscomb University
I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how great of a product you have It has been a great asset to our business and has made our lives so much easier. We have never had a tag machine like this before, and we are able to tag countless amounts of trees each week. Additionally, it is so efficient and has helped us keep track of our inventory more easily. I would highly recommend this tagging machine to others. Thank you again for all your help with the tag machine. It is greatly appreciated. - Shaun, Tidbury Creek Farms