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We offer a diverse line of on-demand digital inkjet oversized credential card and label printers. The SwiftColor family of digital inkjet printers feature single pass printhead architecture to achieve dramatically increased printing speeds and full color, 1200 dpi resolution results in brilliant, high quality reproduction.

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The SwiftColor SCC-4000D oversized credential printer features single pass print-head technology and prints in beautiful 1200 dpi. The SCC-4000D is highlighted by its blazing fast print speed, printing a 3.5″ x 5.5″ full color card in 2 seconds! The key applications include printing oversize badges for tradeshows, large events, concerts, music festivals, racing, golf, major sports and stadium special events, parking passes, door hangers, tradeshows, media credentials, college/university, educational summits and seminars, and more. In a market that requires printing on-demand, high speed, in great quality this is the perfect printer for you!

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Card Printers

Label Printers

These industry leading printers provide fast, high quality labels made easy and affordable for a myriad of versatile applications including shipping cases, address stickers, baggage tags, barcode, cosmetic, health care product labels, prescription medicine package, gourmet foods and bottle labels and more! Choose our dye-based ink version for brilliant color reproduction or our pigment-based version for durable, weather resistant requirements.

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Label Printers

Kanematsu USA

Founded in 1910, Kanematsu USA Inc., a subsidiary of the Kanematsu Corporation, has been an American company as long as or longer than most well-known American corporations. Today, Kanematsu’s network of companies is now comprised of offices in over 50 cities with worldwide sales over $6 billion.

Kanematsu Corporation of Japan

Kanematsu Corporation is one of the oldest companies in Japan. We are a true business creator, committed to the constant evolution of the functions of a global company. With a founder’s pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial ingenuity, Kanematsu Corporation, through new business creation and development, establishes solid relationships and pursues mutual growth with customers. Founded in 1889, Kanematsu’s major business areas include IT related products, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, specialty steels, grains, foodstuffs and aerospace.

Our Other Brands

Sinfonia Photo

Sinfonia Photo is a diverse product line of state-of-the-art products and accessories in the photographic digital imaging industry. Sinfonia products are offered under Sinfonia Photo, a business unit of Kanematsu USA Inc. and is backed by the strength and stability of a 120 year global company, Kanematsu Corporation of Japan.

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Swiftpro has been providing safe, secure, and reliable ID badge printer solutions to global organizations since 1989. Following the launch of the first thermal transfer printer over two decades ago, we have continued to pioneer disruptive technologies to establish ourselves as market leaders in the retransfer printing market.

Swiftpro’s trusted ID management solutions increase security, efficiency, and productivity, while empowering the success of businesses from a wide range of sectors and markets. We work with governments, educational establishments, healthcare, leisure, corporations, and financial institutions to provide innovative hardware solutions and personalized support services.

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Team NiSCA constantly strives for the clear goal of meeting the market demands in its ventures into new technologies. No matter how satisfying a project may be to our engineers, it is the market that ultimately passes judgment on its value. It is precisely for this reason that we are ready to boldly challenge the perceived limits of current engineering when it may yield what our customers need. This stance of ours will not change. NiSCA is also working to further raise the level of professionalism of each of its engineers, with the goal of “one achievement per person.” NiSCA Corporation was established in 1960 and today has over 830 employees in four locations. Our motto of “Creation of Value for the Future” is evident in its investments for future success.

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