Horticulture label media for SCL-4000D/P

The Swiftcolor SCL-4000D/P lets you produce on demand, full color, high quality, durable horticultural labels. These Horticultural labels are weather-resistant and extremely durable.

The Swiftcolor SCL-4000D/P high quality full color 1200 dpi printer meets your most horticultural label urgent needs. On-demand printing means instant labels. No more ordering and waiting for pre-printed labels, No need to stock and store pre-printed labels that may meed additional printing and barcoding. Just design the label on your PC and print to the Swiftcolor SCL-4000D/P with horticultural label media.

On Demand Printing
No need to maintain a variety of preprinted stock.

19 mil Printing
Only Swiftcolor can handle think media up to 19mil.

No Color Fade-Out
Colors won’t fade due to sun exposure.

Many Blank Media Options
Wide selection of blank media options available.