Case Study - The Zen Vaper

The Story

Four years ago, Don Thompson’s partner quit smoking the day she discovered she was pregnant. However the stress of being a first-time mom caused her to pick up the habit once again. After much research and consulting with vaping friends, Don bought her a set up with minimal nicotine to help her quit smoking.

A hobby ensued and after watching “way too many” YouTube videos Don invested a few hundred dollars and started on a personal quest to make a better strawberry custard-flavored e-liquid.

And from these humble beginnings, and at the urging of friends, grew The Zen Vaper which currently offers 20 flavors and has begun to distribute his line of e-liquids, concentrates and CBD oils nationally.

The Challenge

As his business grew, and Don wanted to gain the interest of national distributors, he discovered that his labels just weren’t communicating a professional approach to the business. As Don quipped, “I want to be like the big boys, even though I’m small.” In order to gain national distribution, he “needed a product that looks completely 100% professional.”

Additionally, he had to put a line of eliquid with nicotine on hold because he “couldn’t really make nice enough labels for it.”

The Solution

After deciding to invest in a high quality desk-top printer, Don investigated multiple brands until he discovered the SwiftColor 4000 from Kanematsu. He was thrilled with the installation process and noted that, “I treat my customers as if they are my actual friends and to have the SwiftColor team give me that level of customer service completely blew me away.”

And the labels? “These labels are fantastic. The level of detail and readability of the fonts is amazing. You can just pick up a bottle of my e-Liquid and instantly read the ingredients. Details kind of leap out at you. They’re not subtle or blurry. There’s no dithering … just really sweet vibrant colors.”

Making the investment, however, was a big leap for someone who started his own business with $137 “borrowed from bill money” and had poured every dollar of profit back into the company. Don knew, however, that he needed to make the investment to get the right level of attention to his products and their labels.

The Results

Although at the time of this case study, Don had only owned the SC4000 for a short period of time, he is already thrilled with its impact and expects to be printing 500-700 BOPP semi-gloss labels monthly by mid-summer, 2018.

And the impact was immediate - a distributor noticed one of his beautiful labels on a social media post and contacted him. Don adds, “I didn’t even have to market to them … they contacted me to carry my products. This will give me a toe-hold into more business growth.”

One last concluding note from The Zen Vaper, “The SC4000 makes my product look as nice on the outside as it actually tastes on the inside.”