Contract Packaging

The Backstory

The Global Contract Packaging market is experiencing significant growth with the greatest share in North America.

The global market in 2017 was valued at USD 40.65 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach $78.14 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 11.51%*
OEM’s are increasingly focusing on cost optimization and their core business - so they’re turning to you!
Rapid growth is due to the increasing demand for packaging in segments, like food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, beauty care, and others
The global increase in the number of e-commerce companies is driving more demand for contract packaging n Contract packaging companies in the United States have learned to adapt to challenging business conditions
At the same time -- you’re experiencing intense global competition, cost pressures, and highly variable demand from OEMs

In-House Label Printing

When it comes to the North American contract packaging industry, why are companies like yours increasingly investing in in-house label-printing solutions?

Contract packagers report lead times for their labels are 7-10 days, longer if their label vendors are running a new design. If a label vendor only has conventional printing presses on their production floor, lead times can take even longer and minimum job sizes are usually around 1,000- 2,000 linear feet. However, most contract packagers have run sizes much smaller than that. If a label vendor has digital production presses on their production floor, you’re going to pay an ultra-premium for those labels.

With multiple SKU’s, small runs and the need for break-out color - you need a better solution.

The SwiftColor SCL4000 desktop digital label printer is designed to print high-fidelity custom labels whether you need 1,000 labels, 100 labels or just one label.

The Solution - SwiftColor SCL4000

Our digital printers offer a print-on-demand solution for all your customer’s products.

Strong ink densities for solids - colors that truly pop!n Durable labels - can handle ice baths, water and won’t smudge or scuff
Never wait on another label delivery again
Handles small widths and lengths better than any unit on the market
Easy-to-install and really simple to maintain
Eliminates inventoried labels becoming obsolete if a design or FDA regulation changes
If you’re introducing a new variety of food, chemicals, nutraceuticals or beverages - or if your customer wants to try out the look of a new label design, print and apply new labels the same day
You’ll really like your lower price-per-label costs